Top 10 Great Lessons from Little Great Creatures – The Ants

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence” – Abigail Adams.

Have you ever taken time to look into the eyes of the earth?

Whenever I gaze at the earth’s nature and its bounty, I often feel enchanted by the glamour and its beautiful structure.

It’s quite glorious to behold!

The earth’s nature – the grasses, the animals, trees and everything are perfectly design for living and learning.

Everything that exists on earth [both animate and inanimate things] subsist for a purpose. We can learn one or two lessons from them if we care enough.

Many times, we tend to neglect the place of some little creatures that have real life lessons to teach us and thereafter, suffer greatly as a result of such negligence.

Amongst the class – insecta in the animal kingdom, the Ants are chief in the community as they are little great teachers of nature.

Ants is one of the smallest creatures of nature, yet the wisest of them all.

During my undergraduate years in the university, I offered a course in my third year, titled “Basic Entomology” where I was exposed to few insects of medical importance. I learnt quite a few things about the ants from the tutorials but I was thrill when in one of the classes, my lecturer spent almost half of his time teaching us some salient aspects of the ant live.

Thereupon, I decided to personally do an explorative study on the life the ants – their pattern of living.

In the course of my study, I’ve discovered that the ants though very small in size have wonderful keys to greatness to teach us if we practice them.

Little wonder, God instructed us in Proverbs 6:6 to go to the ant, consider her ways and learn wisdom.

The ants are little but fascinating creatures whose lifestyle sets standard of living for anyone desiring to be great and relevant or aspiring to make footprints in the sands of destiny.

I’m delighted to share with you in this article 10 wisdom keys from the life of these little great creatures of nature – the ants.

1. Ants are Focused Visionaries

Ants anticipate the future. They hold the future as a great treasure.

They have clear picture of the future they are heading to; hence they focus their energy and momentum driving towards their destination.

You will never see an ant distracted or confused about what to do at any time. Never! They are usually purpose-driven and vision oriented.

Oftentimes, you will see them moving in a single file with none breaking their ranks.

Wisdom Key:

Without a clear purpose in your journey in life, you are most likely to be peg on the way. If you don’t know your destination, you are bound to be victim of frustration.

You have to capture God’s picture for your future before you can walk in it. When the end is known, the beginning is best.

Your progress in life can only be measured when your destination is well defined. Until you find your place in destiny, you may never function in your full potential.

2. Ants Work without Supervision

The Ants colony is a perfect decentralized structure. Each ant has a specific responsibility which its dedicated to without supervision.

They have no ruler, guide, overseer or boss yet they performed their jobs excellently.

Wisdom Key:

One basic quality of true leadership is the ability to deliver quality service under no supervision.

Never do an eye-service work. It has no reward both in time and eternity.

3. Ants Practice Teamwork

An interesting feature of the ant life is their team spirit in working. Ants know their limits and ask for help.

They understand their strengths and weaknesses hence they capitalize on their greatest strength and depend on their team members to fill their lapses.

Wisdom Key: 

Dreams only work through team work. Whatever vision you can achieve alone can not really be worthwhile.

Self-awareness is a principal trait in self-leadership.

It takes its root from understanding yourself – your abilities, strengths as well as admitting your weaknesses and seeking for assistance where necessary.

You need corporate effort to accomplish great vision.

4. Ants are very Creative

Whenever ants encounter ravines or huge obstruction, they devise means of escape.

They are never obstructed by obstacles as every end is to them a bend. This is the product of clear destination.

You can never see them frustrated at any spot. At moments of road blocks, they build bridges to enable them move over to the next location.

Wisdom Key:

Creativity is the mother of innovation. You have a creative mind to chart your way to unfathomable breakthrough. What are you doing with your creative ability?

The future you desire can be created within the canvas of your mind.

Why would you give up when you can still gear up? Deploy the riches of your mind and deliver your future from shame.

5. Ants Share their Resources

It is very common in the ant colony to find them feeding on the food obtained by one of them in the colony.

When any of them discovers a clustered resources, rather than feeding itself alone, it goes to beckon on others to join in the feeding.

It’s really intriguing studying the lifestyles of the ants.

Wisdom Key:

Selfishness is the precursor of lack and poverty. When you are liberal, your soul shall be made fat and you’ll live in plenty.

It’s very joyful when you share what you have with others. Share your love with people.

Share your affection, money, and every other precious thing that you have. It is the more you give, the more you get!

6. Ants are Big Picture Thinkers

Ants do not look down on themselves. Their insignificant size is not a limiting factor to their goals.

They are high goal setters. Despite their small size, they still build magnificent buildings when they live and multiply. They have made very great contribution to the earth’s ecosystem.

Wisdom Key:

Do you really have goals for your future? What are those goals? How big are they? Would you allow your background to put your back on the ground?

Perhaps, you are dark or fair in complexion or maybe you’ve been told that you’re too small to be great.

Whatever the case, you achieve whatever you can conceive. Go ahead and set your big goals and push until you accomplish them.

The future is brighter than what you’re seeing now. Look at the big picture in front of you so that you can feature in it!

7. Ants Labour to Last

Ants have good understanding of times and seasons.

They work at the right time and rest at the right time.

They gather their food in summer against the next season and go to rest in winter via hibernation. This they do in order to conserve energy for use at the right time.

Wisdom Key:

Learning to utilize your energy productively is a sure route to longevity. You need to understand the times and your body chemistry to avoid unnecessary breakdown or burnouts.

8. Ants are Futuristic Planners

The ants are strategic planners. They think of summer in winter and winter in summer. They usually gather enough food during time of plenty so as to avoid lack in periods of scarcity.

They make plans for unforeseen eventualities.

Wisdom Key:

Planning is what will prevent your poor performance.

If you must succeed joyfully, and maximize your resources adequately, then proper planning cannot be relegated to the background.

Learning to plan ahead is a safety measure to prevent losses and stay with plenty.

9. Ants are daringly Persistent

At no time and no where will you see an ant give up. Ants don’t give up. They push against hurdles and live above limitations.

Whenever they are faced with difficult circumstance, rather than turn back, they ‘ll tuck in and top up.

Wisdom Key:

Until you learn to stay up in the face of life challenges, victory will remain theoretical.

Life is not fun. Persistence is the key that opens the door to life’s prosperity.

Never give up!

10. Ants are Opportunity Hunters

Every ant is an opportunity seeker.

They are constantly in search of food, shelter and other things they need to keep going and growing. They don’t wait for an angel to bring any food or provide shelter for them.

Wisdom Key:

Be sensitive to respond to opportunities. Opportunities are the open heaven for the operation of your purpose. Don’t wait for opportunities, hunt for them.

Most importantly, stay prepared all the time. When an opportunity hits you unprepared, you will still end up losing it and possibly close other doors for future opportunities.

You also need to take caution of the opportunities you crave after. Not every opportunity is God ordained. Some are just snare from the enemy to stagnate your progress. Let God guide you.

Have you seen how great these little creatures are? Let me hear your comments and contribution in the comment box below.

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As a transformational teacher and entrepreneur, Penuchris as fondly he is called, is earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially young people, with transforming insights in personal leadership, business and psychology of self-concept for personal development & growth and for global transformation. He enjoys speaking with young people, a Data Analyst by training and a preacher by calling.

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