The Secret Code to a Colorful Destiny

“You are the same person you are today in the next 5 years, except you discover and decode the secret code to lifes relevance

In the school of relevance, there’s never a rise without a corresponding price. No destiny ever shines automatically until it is actively made to shine.

Whereas everybody desires a colorful future, only very few ever experiences such future while others are left to just explain their way out.

There must be a cause for this. Now look at:

In God’s divine design, every destiny was configured to be colorful, furnished to be full of light and blessed to be a blessing to His kingdom and to humanity at large. God intentionally designed you to bring humanity healing and rescue generations from the plague of darkness.

I have never met anyone at any time in any place, who willingly subscribed to mediocrity or any form of low living in the midst of excellence and dignity.

By my little exploration in life, I have discovered that life ultimately responds to light. Only men of light have full access to real life and until you become full of light, you cannot be in charge of the night of life.

Insight is the light that aids a man to take control of his night.

I’ve found out that nothing precious is ever kept on the surface. It takes considerable digging and persistent evacuation of the earth to mine gold, diamond or any other precious stone.

In this article, I share with you the secret code that you must crack if you truly dream of becoming relevant in time and deliver your assignment successfully before your time on earth is up.

The common thread

Studying the lives of few High-level Achievers who have made marks in their time and have painstakingly inscribed their names in the annals of history as impact factors to the society, I have found one single thread that’s common in their lives ― Reading books.

Knowledge acquisition and exploration through reading books is an indispensable tool that creates a colorful destiny and secures every glorious future from groaning.

The degree of information that you have determines the kind of destination that you are heading to. Reading is the secret code that must be cracked to experience a colorful destiny.

Hear what Frederick Douglas said: “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free. Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”.

Reading books have rescued the destinies of many obscured men from shame, released great light into their lives and turned them into men and women of flight soaring on the eagle’s wing. They moved from grass to grace and became pathfinders setting the pace of excellence for younger generation, ours inclusive.

Through the power of books, they broke the hedge of slavery, escaped the edge of ignorance and quenched the violence of poverty.

Books bailed them from perpetual bondage and made them kings and queens among their equals.

Great leaders are no doubt, products of great books and offspring of ardent reading, studying and transforming insight exposition.

The Excellency of Knowledge through Reading

I want you to know that, only men of books are usually booked. It is an old truth that knowledge is power but I want to add to it, that only true knowledge brings total freedom. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”-John 8:32.

No man is greater than his knowledge gait. Whatever valuable that’s relevant to your freedom, that you do not know now will eventually turn to a nail that will crucify you at the cross of life.

We live in the knowledge century, where only knowledge workers are guaranteed of a blissful future and a colorful destiny. The 21st century is a period of brain-flaming inventions and ground-breaking innovations.

Reading is the surest way to acquire deep knowledge and be ultimately free.

Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well.”- Mark Haddon

In the previous centuries, people may have despised bookworms and made jest of them, but in this century only bookworms with the heart to solve human problems will walk the golden pathway to destiny. Our generation needs people who will not only get knowledge but also wisdom and understanding to impact the society and revolutionize our world.

You are at a great risk, if you do no invest your time adequately to reading and studying relevant materials that makes for a great future.

The great men that you celebrate today and those you still long to become like were all made through reading books and applying their knowledge

Some of them couldn’t afford schooling but all of them did give themselves to unsatisfactory reading and explorative study until their destinies became colorful and very attractive.

 Understanding the power of Reading Books

“I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions than most people in business”– Warren Buffet

Whereas knowledge can be acquired through various means, reading books exceeds them all. Oprah Winfrey had onetime said, “What I love most about reading—it gives you the ability to reach higher ground. A world of possibilities awaits you. Keep turning the page.”

Every book you pick up is a collectanea of a person’s experiences, exposures and explorations over the years that he or she has lived before the book was written. You can acquire the knowledge that someone spent years and resources to get by just reading his or her book.

The power of reading book cannot be summarized in this brief article but I want to give you just few of the many things reading books will do in your life when you engage it:

1. Reading activates your mind power

The mind is the epicenter of both your conscious and subconscious activities. It’s the hub of creativity and the capital of imagination. The mind is like a mechanical dynamo that needs constant servicing and if you do not service it as regular as possible, it will crack, thus resulting to a fatal failure of your destiny.

Stanford University researchers have found that close literary reading in particular gives your brain a workout in multiple complex cognitive functions, while pleasure reading increases blood flow to different areas of the brain.

Thoughts are the food of the mind. The mind grazes on the savannah of your thoughts. Building your thoughts through reading books is the safest and most productive way to servicing your mind for impact and lasting exploits.

2. It boldens your intention and broadens your horizon

Reading enlarges your perspectives, insures your safety, boldens your intentions and makes wide your horizon of influence and impact.

One basic attribute of every ignoramus is that he or she does things without premeditated motive (s) -that is, without any or good reason behind the action.

Until you become intentional about whatever you do may never become influential.

By reading, you acquire infallible facts to knowing why you should or should not act the way you do.

This will in no small measure span your outreach to affecting lives and in building profitable relationships.

3. Reading is an escape route out of stresses

Live is full of stress and stress on the other hand is a channel for your successes. So, you need to acquire necessary stress management skills and develop the right tolerance psychology to scaling through it.

In times of stress, whatever kind of stress notwithstanding, just engage your mind with any book that inspires you and that you love. You will see how the brain neurotransmitter-dopamine alongside the information in the book will ameliorate the situation abruptly.

Reading reduces stress to about 68% according a study in 2009, more than listening to music or watch a movie. For me it’s reading my Bible or any inspirational book which borders on vision and purpose that intrigues me especially when it is in story format.

Please try this experiment and report back to me via the comment box with your findings.

4. Reading unlocks your potential

The potential to write is only activated when you begin to read, because you don’t write when your head is blank. By becoming a voracious reader, you will unlock many bottled potentials that are resident in you.

5. It produces pleasure and patents prosperity

Reading is a pleasurable adventure. It is as sweet as honey when you engage it purposefully. Every principle of success in any field of life endeavor have been laid bare in so many books in our shelves. All you need to do is to read your way to prosperity.

Cracking this secret code

Experiencing a colorful destiny is very costly. But as Bishop Benson Idahosa once said: “No price is too high for your greatness”.

For the sake of posterity pay the price for your destiny. Become very deliberate in choosing between the profitable and the acceptable. Not all that you do daily add value to your live, hence you must become discipline to do what is profitable.

Some body have rightly captured that “if you don’t read, your destiny will certainly rust”. So, to rescue your destiny from decaying, you need to develop the capacity to read and read until your success meter begins to read alongside.

Spend your time wisely and ensure you allocate quality time daily to service your mind through reading books.

What you read, must not necessarily be hard copies of books, blog posts like the ones at wisdom fount and other sites have huge insights that can bring high impacts to your life and to your world.

Read novels, journals, newspapers, inspirational newsletters, etc. Read everything profitable to your vision and assignment in life and watch your destiny become colorful and your future very blissful.

I trust that God will take you to greater heights and give you the grace to grow your mind through reading and studying.

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

As a transformational teacher and entrepreneur, Penuchris as fondly he is called, is earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially young people, with transforming insights in personal leadership, business and psychology of self-concept for personal development & growth and for global transformation. He enjoys speaking with young people, a Data Analyst by training and a preacher by calling.

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  1. Olakunle orimaye Paul says:

    Inspirational! God bless your pen y brother. Like a man wisely observed, “you are the same person you are in the next five years except for the BOOKS you read and the company you keep “. Thanks for opening our eyes and enlightening our minds and deepening our understanding to the significance and the necessity of purposeful reading.


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