The boy with a Compass


“In life, you are either running with a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion, otherwise you are merely existing not really living” ― Dr. David Oyedepo

Waking up a great while before day, Chuks and his father, set off their journey to Inyere – a golden valley filled with all precious stones and flowing with milk and honey. Chuks was quite titillated about the trip and couldn’t wait to reach this golden land that his grandma had always told him about. He was very prepared and took alongside him his camera, pen, and his notebook. He was prepared to explore the land and afterward, write a book on his discoveries and explorations being a student of anthropology in the university.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dennis, his father had visited Inyere land for the first time when he was only 8 years old. Already, he had forgotten the way to Inyere though he assumed to still had a blurred portrait of the direction leading to the land in his memory.

Being constrained by time, Dennis and his son set off their journey with the hope to make inquiries from villagers in the course of the trip. Inyere land was located North-east to Ohinya, their village and was about 25km distant.

The journey continued with Mr. Dennis making inquiries as planned. The first day passed, then the second day followed. On the third day, they arrived a village called Munachi, where none of the villagers knew the way to Inyere though one of the elders claimed to have been there he couldn’t give them any direction as to the way forward.

Dennis and his son spent that night in Munachi village. They could not sleep throughout the night as they kept pondering on what next to do- either to continue headlong or to go back home. Chuks was greatly distressed by the new development and every motivation in him prior to the journey evaporated to the thin air.

Mr. Dennis imagined the ridicule by the villagers if he decides to go back as a result of ignorance. On the other hand, he feared the danger of continuing without a definite direction. Nonetheless, he preferred continuing in the journey to going back home. Thus, at 6.00am the next day, he woke his son who had managed to sleep by 3.00am. He encouraged him not to give up, promising that they would still get to Inyere land notwithstanding. They continued in the journey for the next three days till they came to another village known as Ajuona.

Chuks and his father had spent 2 days trekking from Munachi village to Ajuona. Fortunately for them, they found a man who had just returned from Inyere. After interacting with the man, they discovered they would have spent only a day from Munachi village. More sadly, they must still have to go back to Munachi to take their route from there. While the man led them off the village, he handed over a compass to Chuks and instructed him on how to use to secure the ultimate direction to their destination.

They utilize the service of the compass till they finally arrived Inyere land. They spent a total of 10 days in the journey under the harsh weather.

“Without a bearing every journey in life is boring” ― Dr. David Oyedepo

I’ve discovered that in life, your pace is not the same as your progress. You could be making the pace and yet having zero progress. So many persons are very busy at the same time very lazy. To live your life without a direction is to land at any destination. Knowing the direction to your destiny is an ultimate price you must conscientiously and diligently pay live relevantly.

The Pangs of Unclear Direction

Your destiny has a location for its delivery. It is this location that determines your allocation. It’s most gruesome to know where you are going to in life but lack the knowledge of its direction. Lack of direction to your destination will cost you dearly:

  • It Breeds Frustration and Confusion

Like in the story above, lack of clarity of the pathway that leads to where destiny is a sure way to frustration. Frustration is a product of misdirection makes efforts futile. Your investment in life will be fruitless if you lack purpose of what and where you’re heading to.

  • It saps energy and vitality

Visions produce vigor whereas direction keeps you dogged in your pursuit. No dream ever becomes a reality without motivation to stay through to its realization. Ignorance of the path to your destiny is the ultimate gateway to ignominy. Chuks motivation to Inyere land evaporated to the thin air as result.

  • It eats time and treasure

Time is the costliest commodity in life. Every purpose in life has a time frame and the best time for its delivery. When destiny is delivered late, it does not profit well. Lack of direction will delay your delivery and eat up your treasures.

  • Morale Distortion

If you have no definite direction to your place of assignment, then your life is uncertain and unpredictable. Nobody will trust you no matter the size of your visions and planning. Of course, there is no real planning without a defined goal.

The compass of Life

God did not create you without making available a guide to help you reach your destination on time.

Like the compass that aided Chuks and his father to the land of Inyere successfully, God and his word have been made available to direct you to where your allocation is. Psalms 32:8 clearly captures: “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way that thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eyes”. God is the greatest astronomer and the best pilot of destiny. He has promised to guide you and lead to your destination safely without hitches or misdirection. His word is the ultimate compass of destiny – “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light unto my path” – Psalms 119:105.

Securing Direction to your Destiny

Every compass has some components that make it work effectively. In the same hand, in the compass of destiny, various parts also enhance its proper functionality.

  • You need a Vision

Any venture without a vision is bound to vanish in no time. Vision is your ability to capture the exact picture of God for your future. Every vision defines a destination and gives you a direction. So, you need to know what change, the Lord wants you to make in your society before your time is up.

  • Maintain Alignment with God

God knows the end before the beginning. He’s the One to decide if you would need a change of direction or not. Thus, in securing ultimate direction, you must keep looking unto Jesus – the Author and Finisher of your destiny.

  • Sacrifice to gain Knowledge

Knowledge of what the pathway to your destination demands cannot be overstressed. You must be committed to seeking knowledge. There are so many books on the shelves that talks about what you want to accomplish in destiny.

  • Associate with the Right Minds

Someone had said that “right association breeds rich assimilation”. Wherever you heading to in destiny, people have already gotten there. Others also have similar vision like you. So, you need to find these people and make them your friends.

Submit to others for mentorship and coaching. Mentors are elevators to greatness. Learn to obey and follow faithfully whoever is mentoring you. You will never miss your way to destiny.

Avoid moving with people like Chuks’ father, who was ignorant of the way and yet leading another. Jesus says in John 14:6 – “I am the way, the truth, and the life……”. Make Him your Lord and Saviour today. With Him as your guide and pilot, you will make it all the way.

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