Stop the Blame Game and Release your Best

“You cannot beat the best and become the best in the game of life, if you keep playing the blame game”

Life has never been fair to anyone, no, not even the wisest man that has ever lived. It has neither respect nor regard for height, complexion, nationality, race, age or background.

King Solomon in his recount about life has this to said: “Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me….”-Eccl. 2:17.

It is important that you get this understanding accurately deep inside of you. Your present progress or predicament is a direct product of what you know now and the other part that you do not know yet. Every lifting or limitation you will ever experience in life is tied to the level of insight you have about the principles that govern life.

Every stage and segment of life is controlled by laws. Until you discover these laws and put them work, life may still remain a cinema centre for you and you may even get lost in the process of time.

One of the many laws that govern life is what I will be sharing with you in this article shortly. Your understanding of its working dynamics will deliver you from perpetual slavery and deliver prosperity into your storehouse.

The Principle of Responsibility

Your perception about life has much to do with your views, opinions and understanding about the subjects and issues that are capable of taking you from point A to B in your journey in life.

The law of responsibility states that “Life only responds to you, the moment you understand that you are the creator of your world and commence the creation”.

You will remain at the “effect” terminal of the cause and effect process of life, if you stay oblivious of this fact. There is already a band wagon of young people who are chorusing that ‘life is wicked’.

Whereas I may partly agree with them but, there’s never a problem without a cause. My question to you is, have you taken time to discover the cause behind the situation? Remember, nothing will ever change until you make the change.

Don’t Bury your Best

You are a product of greatness, designed to be the envy of many generations. God was not conducting experiment when by trial and error, something like you came forth.

He purposefully created a personality of your kind and blessed you with the best of gifts and potentials. He also did not seek any human consent before you were made. You are to be the joy of your generation.

No matter where you hail from, the color of your skin, your family background, academic status, etc. I want you to know that your type is only one in the whole universe.

God in his awesome creation made you so. Release your best and become beneficial to the world!

Stop the Blame Game

Those who blame others in any game – soccer, Ludo, athletics, etc. are often those beaten in those games. You can’t be the best when you are beaten in the game of life.

If you keep blaming your parents for your present mediocrity, then be ready to replay their history.

Proverbs 20:4 says- “The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore, shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing”.

Rather than blaming them for your losses, start building your life.

You have no genuine reason to fail in life. Perhaps you are a product of a broken home, your destiny is not yet broken.

As a young graduate, don’t wait for the government to provide job for you before you work. Your work is the service of your gift not the job of the government. Stop the blame game and beating in the game.

Perhaps, you’re already working but still failing, then do what my friend would always advice: “Increase your zeal and commitment and the zeros in your paycheck will simultaneously increase”. Stop the blame game!

Whatever your current status may seem like, there is but one thing to do- stop the blame game and brainstorm on the best game!

Take Responsibility

Until you become responsible, things will remain impossible. Responsibility will rescue your glorious destiny from shame and mockery. You are to go and possess your golden future. Though giants may be on the way to hinder you, God plus your ardent responsibility will secure it for you successfully.

In taking responsibility of your life, you must prioritize your desires, value your time- it’s the greatest asset that you have, invest in seeking true and working knowledge, engage yourself in daily personal development and primarily place high premium on the person of God- your highest responsibility factor.

Harness your abilities, and work out your salvation until you become productive and valuable. Work, work, keep working until everything in your life starts working. Work with wisdom and maintain smartness.

Seek Opportunities

God still sends manna from above! Do you believe that? Yes, opportunities are one way through which God does it.

Opportunities are God’s open heaven for the operation of your gifts, which on the other hand, is the gateway for your greatness life.

Build networks with people that can help you. Seek quality information relevant to your destination.

Are you writer? Seek writing competition opportunities. If you fail, try again. Keep trying until you triumph.

Whatever skill you have – public speaking, graphic design, teaching, or shoe-making, seek appropriate opportunities to sell your skills.

Also, seek opportunities to acquire more skills and avenues to develop the already acquired one. Go for the best and become excellent. Excellence is the trademark and ruler of the 21st century!

Note that, not every opportunity is God ordained. Some opportunities are traps of the enemy to terminate your progress. Learn from Jesus in John 6:14, 15.

Some great opportunities are actually hidden graves designed for the burial of your destiny. Sharpen your spiritual senses so you will not be grounded by the outlook of great doors.

Treasure your Destiny

Whatever you do not treasure will definitely be trashed. Your destiny is a like a stock exchange, if you don’t secure it carefully, it will be squandered carelessly.

Don’t make life your enemy by your attitude. Life was designed by God to favor you.

The shining light of your destiny depends on many factors- Relationships, books that your read, your ear-time, to mention these few. Stop the blame game and start engaging them for your benefit.

  • Treasure your relationships

Relationships are great elevators in the journey to stardom. Build relationships that will release your best.

The Bible is clear that: “evil communication corrupts good manners”– 1 Cor. 15:33.

Flock with friends of like passion. Don’t follow fault finders, rather choose your friends among pathfinders and those who fix faults.

  • Treasure transformational Books

The sparks that emanate from transformational books while reading them can bring lasting light to your life.

Books sharpens your mind, organizes your thoughts, and provide you with new perspective about life. Transformational books are the repository of proven principles that govern life. Get addicted to reading and studying.

  • Treasure what you listen to

What you listen to determines how you will look like. You can’t be listening to excuse-givers and have none to give. Learn to spend your ear-time wisely.

Please ponder on this

Every participant in any game desires to win not to lose. In the game of life, be determined to lose in the blame game so that you can live and become your best.

What the future holds for you, we cannot hide. It is the bounce of challenges that you must not bow to. The telescope cannot tell nor can the horoscope predict the greatness that resides inside of you. Only God can truly tell!

If you have failed before, start all over again. If nothing is working yet, start working now. If you have no sponsor, become one to yourself. If everybody has rejected you, don’t join them to reject yourself.

Stop the blame game by all means and start playing the best game of responsibility. Your best is yet to emerge!

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

As a transformational teacher and entrepreneur, Penuchris as fondly he is called, is earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially young people, with transforming insights in personal leadership, business and psychology of self-concept for personal development & growth and for global transformation. He enjoys speaking with young people, a Data Analyst by training and a preacher by calling.

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