Shooting forth the Arrow of your Destiny

Have Faith in your Destiny

“The heart of your future is actively sustained by the intense heat of your faith”

God does not invest in nonentities neither does He commit Himself to worthless commodities. Everything He created (both animate and inanimate) carries an emblem of excellence depicting his nature of perfection. He decides the end of every venture before kick-starting His investment.

In God’s creation venture, man is the capital and the summary of His work. He became the embodiment of His glory and icon of his greatness. God looked at the man after creation and was amazed at the Magnum opus, His hand had made and then acknowledged that it was ‘very good’ in all aspect – Gen. 1:31.

Your life and destiny were actually created to be very good, glaring and glamorous – implying that you were not in any way designed to be destitute. You already have a colorful destiny awaiting your delivery. You are the missing golden thread, that your family, community, and nation has been waiting for, thus you have one major duty to do – shoot forth the arrow of your destiny!

The Arrow of Destiny

You can never become what you do not believe. Your future is a product of your faith; hence, faith is the arrowhead of destiny. Your belief system is a core determinant matrix of whatever your life eventually becomes. Your destiny will only be successfully delivered on the platform of your faith in its possibility.

God cannot give you a vision that you are bigger than. His vision for any life is usually bigger than the visionary. It is your faith in the vision that enhances your value in life’s venture. You ‘ve got to believe in all that God has impressed and placed in your heart to do for His Kingdom and for humanity. Believing that it could be done is the arrow you must shoot to your colorful destination. Nothing holds value in destiny than the arrow of faith!

The Possibilities of the Arrow of Faith

Faith is the terminator of weakness. You will blaze the trail of your time the moment you truly believe in your visions and dreams to make an impact on your generation. You cannot feature in the future that you have zero faith in its possibility.

Faith in what God has designed you to accomplish on earth is the sure fortitude that can hold you against all weathers of life and keep you through until the dream comes to pass. It is the secret code of every great destiny. It is like a dynamo of a generator that generates light for an entire generation when activated. A faith-driven life is a possibility-drugged life.

The possibilities of faith in the fulfillment of your destiny are quite enormous thus not limited to these few:

It is the fountain of strength – Joel 2:7.

Faith-driven men are self-energized. They are constantly invigorated in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. They would rather fake it and make it than faint and fall flat. Faith fires (sanctions) discouragements and disrupts distractions. A man of faith does not see an end but every end is to him as a bend. – Phil. 3:14.

It empowers you to become what you believe

It is what you desire that will be delivered to you in the measure you desired it and at the commensurate rate of your desperation. Believe in your vision and watch your life become a great value to the world.

When your faith comes alive in God’s word, then you are sure to become whatever you believe – John 1:12.

It helps you maintain your originality

It is complete faith in what you want to become that cancels the tendencies to imitate others or even compete with them. True visionaries are never imitators. Don’t copy others lest you die a counterfeit.

It treasures risk.

Life is full of risks, and only risk treasurers can rise to the peak of their destiny. It takes faith to risk.

Faith Focuses on the Future

Faith-driven men do not hesitate at the presence of adversity, nor retire at the face of the Vampire. Strong faith in your assignment will help you to remain fired until you acquire all that you aspire. Dare to believe in your gifts, potentials, and abilities. You are the best of your version!

The Working Principle of the Arrow of Destiny

Believing in the possibility of your vision becoming a reality is fundamental to experiencing a colorful destiny but faith on its own is dead. Therefore, in shooting forth your arrow of destiny, you must do the following:

1. Seek out the laws that govern your place of assignment

There are laws that govern every destiny including your own. Access to quality information about your purpose is your guaranteed route to a continuous transition to the colorful destination. The Holy Bible is a complete manual of your life. It contains all the principles that govern life and destiny.

Adequate knowledge is the structural language required to make a great homepage of your life and destiny. Nothing stabilizes destiny like insight. Insight is what you need to act right and gain utmost height. Seek knowledge if you desire to walk in wisdom because you cannot apply what you do not know. Read your Bible and other books in line with your vision. Read them responsibly!

2. Resolve to obey those laws

You do not truly have faith if you are not obedient. Obedience is the acid test of your faith. Until you begin to obey the principles of your destiny, you may keep struggling in making ends meet. Obedience is reciprocal in destiny!

3. Put your hands to work

Genuine obedience to the principles of destiny is evident in taking responsibility. You ‘ve got to act on every word of God. Take scriptural responsibility so you won’t end a physical liability.

Nothing works for a man who does not work. It by working that your destiny wakes up. There is dignity in every labor. Faith that works always work. The sure pathway to fulfilling your destiny is strategic diligence – Prov. 22:29.

Please ponder

You must recognize that God did not create you to fill a space rather you were configured to find your space and become a solution to your generation. You must not just believe but you have to behave it and speak it out. Words are weapons in the field of war. Your confession determines the capacity of your ascension. Read God’s instruction to Joshua in Joshua 1:7, 8. God is very much interested in you becoming relevant to life than you are. Dare to believe in Him and in what He has put within you. Become God-confident!

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