INSIGHT: Your Greatest Asset in Life

The great Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe would insist that “There’s nothing so terrible as an activity without insight”.

Unfortunately, every day, people get on activities just to pass time, to eke a living or as a treadmill of survival. Some even work from dusk till dawn just to temporarily quench the insatiable thirst of lack with the peanuts of minimum wages or shrinking salaries at month end.

This is not because hard work is wrong but because working hard without working knowledge is no different from boarding the right bus that is going in the wrong direction.

King Solomon in the Holy writ in Proverbs captures it thus; “The labour of the fool wearies him because he knows not the way to the city”. No doubt, activity is parallel to productivity and can never be equaled to accomplishment.

Have you wondered why some people are great and accomplished, but the multitude remain at the basest level of life as if they were accursed? Why do too many people seem to make snail-paced progress in the same venture that a few others are cruising at jet speed?

Do you wonder what makes the difference between the rich and the poor? How is it that the rich keep getting richer and the poor, keep getting more abject in penury?

What could be the reason for these observable discrepancies among individuals in the quality, speed, and height of their accomplishments in life?

Shockingly, these questions have a singular answer captured in seven perfect letters spelled – I-N-S-I-G-H-T!

I’ve discovered that life ultimately responds to light. Thus, only men with great light have full access to real life.

I’m convinced that in the school of life, insight is the greatest asset and that every man is a slave to his ignorance.

There is nothing wrong in the way you were born or in the family and place where you hail from. The business you are running is the problem. Your career path is not the bane to your progress.

It will delight you to know that in the Creator’s venture of creation, none of His creative products (including you) were (was) designed without purpose, created inferior or configured to be enslaved.

You were divinely encoded with the codon of greatness, excellence, and relevance and equally infused to transcend relevance in time into eternity.

Your Greatest Enemy is Ignorance

The greatest enemy you will face in the journey of life is not the devil but lack of insight (that is, ignorance).

Just as knowledge produces power; lack of it saps strength. There is no growth where ignorance thrives.

Your victory in life and destiny is ultimately tied to the quality and quantity of your knowledge venison.

Prov. 19:2 rightly warns – “…that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good…”. There is nothing that rescues a destiny from shame more than knowledge.

Satan’s greatest onslaught against your dreams is to keep you ignorant of God’s provision for your life.

The devil understands that God will not help an ignorant man.

Little wonder, God said in Hosea 4:6 said this: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”. God detest ignorance. He does not tolerate nor condone it at all.

The first and foremost help He can give to an ignoramus is to open his eyes of understanding.

Many persons blame all others except themselves for their problems. Ignorant enslaves her culprits. It cripples human labour in futility.

You Need Revelation, not just Information

It has always been said that information brings transformation but I have a little issue with that standpoint.

I’ve seen people with the whole of information about business development, financial management and on different aspects of life, yet nothing gets better with their life.

I’ve wondered why there seems to be no change in their lives. In my quest for answers to these inquiries, I realized that until the information is empowered, it will lack the ability to bring transformation.

As the scripture affirms vividly – It takes wisdom to build a house, life, career or business. Wisdom has been defined succinctly as the application of information.

It is a revelation (that is, empowered information) that gives the requisite energy to apply knowledge.

You need revelation not just information to become all that God has designed and assigned you to be.

The word of God is the greatest source of revelation. The entrance of God’s word is what will bring light to your life. What you have contacted this light; you’ll become in charge of your nights.

Become a Knowledge Worker

Successful people know that success is never won on the gamble of luck, but planted with the seed of knowledge, watered and sustained by the rains of understanding and nurtured and spread abroad through the principles of wisdom.

You can never grow in an area of your life where you lack insight. Success will remain strange to the ignorant.

You need transforming insights if you desire to make sustainable personal progress and outstanding societal impacts.

To grow your wings of success, you need to sign up to the school of learning. Become a knowledge worker!

Only ardent learners become audacious leaders. You can’t become a leader without first becoming a reader.

Reading is what raises your leadership to dignity and prominence. The Holy Scripture is the manual containing the blueprint of your life’s journey. Study it unsatisfactorily!

The insights you need to rise to the top are also hidden in some other materials – books, tapes, audios, videos, and many other media.

But beyond reading, you must learn to think. Take time to ponder over every information you receive. It is by further thoughtfulness over the knowledge you’ve gained that the power to apply comes.

Wisdom is inseparable with understanding.

My Humble Advice

As Benson Idahosa of blessed memory once said: “There is no price too great for greatness”.

Every rise in life requires a price. To be lifted from the level where you are currently, you need a light called INSIGHT!

Your destiny is in the hand of God. Until God is known, you have not known anything.

Determine to make your greatest investment in knowing who God is and in understanding your life assignment.

Be diligent a to make the world better than the way you met it!

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Remain ever blessed!

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

As a transformational teacher and entrepreneur, Penuchris as fondly he is called, is earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially young people, with transforming insights in personal leadership, business and psychology of self-concept for personal development & growth and for global transformation. He enjoys speaking with young people, a Data Analyst by training and a preacher by calling.

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