Hidden but richer than the Richest DIAMOND MINE in the World

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“The human mind is a divine deposit, precious like the apples of gold and far more priceless than the total diamond in the world” ― Uche, Christian Awoke.

I remain grateful to my darling aunt who guided and groomed me in my teenage years. She was quite instrumental in shaping my belief system and actions. She painstakingly instilled in me, what I’ve tagged “the golden value of life”.

This mental culture believes that everyone and I, in the world, without any barrier of culture, race, or nationality is incredibly rare, uniquely beautiful and indescribably valuable. I have grown up with this mindset and I’m still working on myself to develop its outreach to those around me.

Some of my friends and colleagues at my workplace have at some time asked me the reason I behave and act the way I do, but I’d rarely revealed the secret to any of them until this time. It’s my internal make-up.

Recently, while I was reading an online article, I abruptly stumbled into a discovery of a biological dynamo of which a basic understanding of its operational dynamics can turn any dummy into a star in no time.

The discovery of this dynamo and my understanding of its working principles have got my life changed and is still transforming me.

There is a diamond mine in the world, very rich though hidden somewhere inside of every man.

Where is this Mine located?

With my discovery, I’ve arrived at a conclusion, that the richest diamond mine in the world is neither the Jwaneng mine in Botswana nor the one in Russia, but it’s located inside of you. This may sound quite unbelievable but that’s the gospel truth about you.

There resides a repository of diamond deposit in every human being. At creation, the Creator himself deposited in you this invaluable diamond mine, designed for your greatness and to enhance your dominion on earth.

What I’m talking about is a treasure bin that God had placed in your inside before He projected you from eternity to this earth.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the few salient things I’ve discovered about this divine dynamo called the mind and that is resident in man and it’s pistons called thought. Indeed, you possess a compartment inside you that’s positively precious and priceless. Join me on this brief journey and make these discoveries for yourself and help your friends as well.

The True Portrait of the Mine

The human mind is like a diamond mine, designed to make its possessor both rich and wealthy. I believe sincerely that this theatre rightly spelled M-I-N-D, simply represent Man-Is-Naturally-a Diamond. Thus, you are a mine containing the richest diamond deposits though very hidden, only awaiting your discovery and deliberate drilling.

Everything that a person becomes is directly dependent of the shape and nature of his mind. Foundations fail when they are laid on failed minds. It’s very vital that you get this realization that I’m sure will rescue your destiny from shame. Just read on…

The mind is the integral domain of your man, implying that a person turns to a statue, the moment his mind becomes static.

The mind is a typology of a creation garden and our thoughts are the seeds. Whereas the mind is a treasure bin, your thought is the measure balance.  God’s design for you is to have dominion but that not without a pathway (your thought system). Great men are offsprings of great thoughts.

Residing in you is a dynamo (your mind) capable of generating light for this generation. Our thoughts help to either agitate its pistons or stop it from working. Your mind was given to you by God for your greatness.

Delayed destiny is traceable to the delayed utilization of the mind power and its proficiency.

Discover the Potential of this Mine

I have  found out that your mind is the:

1. Domain of imagination and thought- the seed of creativity

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” ―Albert Einstein

Imagination is the foundation of every knowledge application. It is the connecting bridge that nestles life experiences and every knowledge that one acquires.

Imagination involves the capacity to generate ideas and the ability to carefully paint a quality picture of your future on the fresco of the mind.

The creation pathway of life is the mind. Every great accomplishment in any field of life is a product of great imagination and the mind is the workshop of this creation.

Imaginative ability is the capital city of creativity and thought is the artist that does the work. You already have a glorious future ahead of you but you must first capture it on the canvas of your mind.

To secure this future, you must sieve your thoughts.

2. Centre for champion formation and development

“Anyone can train to be a gladiator. What marks you out is the mindset of a champion” ―Manu Bennet

One identifiable attribute of champions is their courage which is a function of a tough mind.

People who are tough-minded are usually men of the top. Champions are formed in the mind, not at the gym. Lions are not the strongest of wild animals in the kingdom but they are the ones with the toughest mind.

You must realize the power of this gift residing in you. There’s no problem too difficult to solve when you apply your mind’s power.

What you believe is what you become. The mind is the center of every belief. You don’t believe with your brain but with the mind.

The difference between a champion and a coward is the content of their minds-their thoughts. Train your mind and mind only things that will make you a champion.

3. It’s the sharpener of destiny

The quality of your life is traceable to the quality of your thoughts. Great men are offsprings of great thought.

Your destiny in life dies the moment your mind becomes dead. Prov. 23:7 says, “For as a man thinketh in his heart (mind), so is he ― (emphasis added). Men who think poorly end up in penury.

To be recognized in your time, you must train your mind and become a man of light. Your mind works with your thoughts to decide your destiny.

What you don’t think, you can’t take. Take your destiny serious by engaging your mind profitably.

4. Theatre of visions

“He who looks through an open window sees fewer things than he who looks through a closed window.” ― Charles Baudelaire

The human mind is like a closed window, locked inside of you to help you see farther than your physical eyes can capture. It was given to you so that you can see the visions of God for your life and become exactly what He has designed you to be.

You can’t see the future with your eyes, you can only see it with your mind. But like I said earlier, the exclusive breast milk of the mind is your thoughts. No excellent thought, no positive vision.

As Dr. Paul Enenche said, “where you constantly see yourself is where you will eventually find yourself .” You must begin to see what God has in store for you.

Henceforth, let the word of God form the bedrock of whatever you set your mind at. God is constantly thinking peace concerning you- Jere. 29:11.

Don’t waste your time analyzing people’s opinions about you or the situation around you but always seek to know God’s mindset and intent about your life and act on it responsibly.

Activating this Dynamo

Your mind is a machine that requires constant servicing to remain functional. It develops fault the moment you stop servicing. Hence you need to begin to engage it through books, messages, online tools like the one you’re reading now, tapes etc. Buy books and bite them. Invest in  any programme that will help your mind to grow.

The Holy Bible is the secret to a positive mindset. Study it unsatisfactorily and obey it completely. Brood over every word of this Holy Writ. It’s the encyclopedia of multifarious wisdom that is not obtainable by any mental exertion.

Who you will be tomorrow is dependent on what your thoughts are today. Only the addiction to the word of God will guarantee addition to your life in the world.

I believe strongly that you’re a great asset to this generation. Your rising will rescue so many destinies that are in chains.

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

A writer, an entrepreneur and a transformational speaker, earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially the young people, with relevant insights for personal impacts and global resourcefulness.

6 thoughts on “Hidden but richer than the Richest DIAMOND MINE in the World

  1. Chuka says:

    The mind is the integral domain of man, the dynamo for his dominion and the dock of man’s divine delivery. The power and treasures that are within man’s mind cannot be overemphasized.
    Thank you, Bro Chris. I will always remember your word.
    More grace….more inspirations!

  2. Eze Ifunanya Mercy says:

    Where how see yourself in your mind is who you will be in the future… feeding the mind with the holy Bible…and other books…wow am really blessed…I never knew the power of the mind…
    Thanks sir…more grace….more insight.


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