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“The is nothing so terrible as an activity without insight”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I’m convinced that in the college of life, insight is the greatest asset and every man is a slave to his ignorance.

The degree of information that you have as a person, determines the kind of destination that you are headed to and the depth of feat you will be able to accomplish.

I have discovered that life ultimately responds to light. Thus, only men with great light have full access to real life.

Until you become full of light (getting acquainted with the working principles of life), you cannot be in charge of the night of life.

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog,

Wisdom Fount is a product born out of my passion to equip people with transforming insights required to make outstanding impacts in their different fields of endeavor with special interest in Personal Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Finances and promotion of general Readership culture in the society.

Wisdom Fount is not just a blog but a transformational knowledge centre envisioned to equip you with proven technicalities that will in turn empower you to be able to solve personal as well as society’s problem (s), through transforming insightful posts.


I’ve always loved to teach individuals especially young people like me whatever I know in any area and I’ve been doing that since my high school days till date.

I am inspired to assist you become the best that God designed to be so that you will happily fulfill the purpose for your creation before your time on earth is up.

I have been helping people [but now you] to appreciate the dignity of labour in the pursuit of excellence and relevance in destiny.


Here at Wisdom Fount, I believe in the principality of wisdom as “the comprehensive insight into knowing what to do – Vision), when to do it – Decision), why you must do it – Purpose), how to do it – Mission), and where to do it – Location”.

But this takes its root from basic understanding of who you are and what your life was designed to contribute to the world in your time before you answer eternity’s glorious call.

In my opinion, this 21st century is the most significant period with high level of knowledge inflation in which only committed knowledge workers are guaranteed of colorful future.

You are Blessed At WISDOM FOUNT

“Building and Equipping you with insights until you begin to make outstanding impact in everything you do is my utmost concern @ Wisdom Fount”.

The categories at Wisdom Fount blog are –

  • Articles/Inspirational
  • Leadership
  • The Entrepreneurs
  • Growing Financially
  • Knowledge Box

They are so selected based on what I’ve found to be fundamental victuals in helping you in fulfilling your life’s purpose successfully and happily. Every post is designed to meet a particular need, solve a problem or answer your question.

You need constant motivation for consistent movement to your place of accomplishment. It is what gets you going while Self-discipline keeps growing.

The inspirational category cum other categories are designed to both motivate and inspire you for exploits.

Growing financially is a category I’ve dedicated to teach what no university or college teaches you – that’s financial intelligence and management.

I really love what I’m doing here because you’re becoming a better person through my inputs.

Are you ready to follow alongside your friends with me @ Wisdom Fount? I’ve no doubt that this platform will bring great blessings to your life, family, business, community, country and ultimately to your generation.

Stay inspired @ WISDOM FOUNT and get READY for Outstanding Impacts!

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