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The great Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe would insist that, “There’s nothing so terrible as an activity without insight”.

Unfortunately, every day, people get on activities just to pass time, to eke a living or as a treadmill of survival. Some even work from dusk till dawn just to temporarily quench the insatiable thirst of lack with the peanuts of minimum wages or shrinking salaries at month end.

This is not because hard work is wrong but because working hard without working knowledge is no different from boarding the right bus that is going in the wrong direction.

The holy writ in Proverbs captures it succinctly thus; “The labour of the fool wearies him, because he knows not the way to the city”. No doubt, activity is parallel to productivity and can never be equalled to accomplishment.

Have you wondered why some people are great and accomplished, but the multitude remain at the basest level of life as if they were accursed? Why do too many people make snail-paced progress in same venture where a few others are cruising at jet speed?

Do you wonder what makes the difference between the rich and the poor? How is it that the rich keep getting richer and the poor, keep getting more abject in penury? What is the reason for these observable discrepancies among individuals in the quality, speed and height of their accomplishments in life?

Shockingly, these questions have a singular answer captured in seven perfect letters spelt –  I-N-S-I-G-H-T!

I have discovered that life ultimately responds to light. Thus, only men with great light have full access to real life.  I’m convinced that in the school of life, insight is the greatest asset and that every man is a slave to his ignorance.

Knowledge is the principal raw material of understanding; understanding in turn forms the fundamental bricks of wisdom. And wisdom is the master key to sustainable success in every field of life.

It is the degree of practicable information you have that determines your destination, contribution and accomplishments in time as well as your recognition in eternity.

It will delight you to know that in the Creator’s venture of creation, none of His creative products ( including you) were (was) designed without purpose, created inferior or configured to be enslaved.

Everything was divinely encoded with the codon of greatness, excellence and relevance and infused to transcend relevance in time into eternity.

Your greatest enemy is never the devil but his scale -lack of insight (ignorance). Your victory in life and destiny is ultimately tied to the quality and quantity of your knowledge venison.

Successful people know that success is never won on the gamble of luck, but planted with the seed of knowledge, watered and sustained by the rains of understanding and nurtured and spread abroad through the principles of wisdom.

You surely need transforming insights if you desire to make sustainable personal progress and outstanding societal impacts.


Welcome to WISDOM FOUNT,

The place where inspired and expired hearts meet with practicable insights to birth personal transformation for global revolution!

Wisdom Fount blog is a product of my passion to equip individuals especially young people with transforming insights required for their growth and development as they get set to make outstanding impacts in their different fields of endeavor and areas of passion and strength.


Haven led and worked with young people of various age brackets and have committed years to learning, studying, teaching and exploring the current trends of the 21st century, I’ve come to admit that the key to individual growth as well as instrument of national development is LEADERSHIP.

I strongly believed that leadership is the veritable LEADING-SHIP of a man’s destiny to excellence and relevance.

I’m not talking about positional leadership here, but personal leadership. It is personal leadership that begets people’s leadership. Self-leadership is the precursor to society leadership.

If you cannot lead yourself, then you’re not qualified yet to lead others.

At Wisdom Fount blog, I deliver quality insights on personal leadership, entrepreneurship, financial intelligence and psychology of self-concept, discovery and achievements.

Do you desire to make geometric progress at whatever you do? Or perhaps, you want to be a better leader of yourself in order to lead others successfully, then you’re welcome.

Life I’ve discovered is universally governed by laws or principles and only people who obey principles ever prospers.

Wisdom Fount is not just a blog that you may visit, but a transforming knowledge center that you should keep tabs on to be equipped with proven technicalities that will in turn empower you to become the best at what you do.

It is a platform created to reach out to you, because of the barrier of distance, so that you could also drink from this fountain of life.

I have always loved to teach people whatever knowledge I’ve gained. And I’ve been doing this since my high school days.

I’m inspired to help you become the best that the Creator designed you to be, so that you can fulfill the purpose for your creation in time before transiting to eternity.

In my opinion, the 21st century is practically a knowledge working era, where only committed knowledge workers are guaranteed a colourful future.

Every posts or podcasts that’s published here are designed to meet your specific need, solve a particular problem or answer a unique question.

The article section alongside other categories have been structured to motivate, inspire and transform you to agent of global transformation.

I truly love what I’m doing here because I know you’re becoming (or you’ll become) a better person through my inputs.

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I’ve no doubt that this platform will transform you, make you the envy of many and bring great blessings to your life, family, community, country and ultimately to your generation.

Here at WISDOM FOUNT, I believe strongly in the principality of wisdom as “the comprehensive insight into knowing who you are (Identity), why you’re here (Purpose), what to do (Vision), when to do it (Decision), why you must do it and where you must do it (Location).


Stay inspired @ WISDOM FOUNT so you don’t expire and get ready for outstanding impacts in your area of influence.


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