7 Ways to Live Above Limitations and Reach your Desired Destination

Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities”– Terry Josephson.

Does life seem so hard for you that your backbone is almost broken? Are you feeling depressed? Do you think of giving up and backing out of your dreams?

You don’t have to feel that way anymore. I want to tell you something: No matter what the problem is, you don’t have to give up. You just need to get up and gear up.

Challenges of life are not exclusive to you. We all have our share in it.

I’ve discovered by personal experience and research that life is not a playground at all, but a battlefield full of many victims and very few victors. Many have been crippled by challenges while few others have become conquerors as a result of the same.

You just need to put up the right attitude.

There’s no part of the world that offers more roses than risks. Limitations to progress are everywhere. The obstacle to great opportunities is cosmopolitan.

But isn’t there a way out? Is there no secret to staying above limits? That’s your question, right? Of course, there is.

To every problem, there’s a solution. But it’s often hidden, requiring a deliberate searching in order for you to discover it.

You need adequate knowledge.

The best pathway to living a great life is to have wisdom. But knowledge is the principal raw material of wisdom.

The problem is that most people end up as victims of circumstances because they are ignorant of the way out. It takes knowledge of what works to make things work.

Whatever you desire to become, you can be, your present condition notwithstanding. People are not limited by their limitations but by ignorance. Pause and ponder before you continue.

Do you know what? I can help you live your best and overcome your limits.

I offer you 7 awesome keys in this post to pushing against hurdles and staying above limitations in life.

1. Limitations are Universal and Necessary for your Growth

Limitations are simply factors that hinder a person’s progress. Such factors include poverty, lack, failures, disappointments, just to name this few.

The common view is that limitation is thought to be an enemy to progress. But that’s partly true. They are also designed to help you succeed.

Don’t get me wrong yet.

What I’m saying is that success and failure are tightly joined together and inseparable. Thus, you cannot succeed without experiencing some kind of failure. The failure often comes to water the ground for your success to thrive when it arrives.

Robert T. Kiyosaki once said, “Those who avoid failure in a bid to succeed, also avoid success”. What that means is that failure is a great teacher not really a threat master. You will always learn a better way to succeed when you approach failure with the right attitude.

Most great men are products of great limits. But rather than being limited by their limitations, they turned them into ladders of growth.

Whatever you are facing currently, I want you to understand that it’s not peculiar to you. Endeavor to learn one or two lessons from it and push ahead.

2. Take Responsibility for your Life

Whatever you don’t hate, you surely have. You don’t need to take comfort in your predicaments. You must do something about it.

You will remain the way you’re if you keep giving excuses. Stop the blame game and play the best game: take responsibility.

If are faced with financial lack, go out for a job or start up something, no matter how small. Start small then grow big. If you’re failing in business, academic, career and in any area, find out the principle that helped others to succeed and apply them. By obeying principles, successes can be replicated.

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Taking responsibility for your life will rescue it from shame. Without responsibility, your destiny will rot. Focus on what you can do. Find out what you must do to get you out of where you are to where you desire to be. Follow through. Don’t give up until you’ve stayed up.

3. Believe in Ability and Become your Best

What you don’t believe, you can’t become.

As someone rightly said, “There is no limitation anywhere except the one in your mind”. Believe in yourself. You can reach that goal. That height you’re aiming at is actually too small compared to your ability.

Hear this: God does not give a vision without first making the provision. You have all it takes to make to become who God has designed you to be. Have faith in God and in your ability. Push against your hurdles.

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Maintain fortitude and perspire even as you aspire. All things are possible if only you believe (Mark 9:23).

You can have whatever you pursue. The question is, how much of your ability are you willing to invest in the pursuit?

Nobody is greater than you. What? Yes, you heard me. You are the best version of yourself. Don’t allow your challenges to tell you otherwise. Have unwavering faith in your ability.

4. Build on your Creativity

Challenges were designed to provoke your mind to work. Most outstanding inventions and innovations are products of challenging circumstances.

Michael Faraday never knew what was inside of him until he started feeling the pain of living without light. Of course, at that time people had no knowledge about electricity. But having read some articles on electromagnetism and the rest, his burden against the situation escalated. He put his mind to work alongside others, and electricity was invented.

What I’m saying is that you have the key that will get you out of your limits. That’s your creative mind.

God gave it to you for your own goodness. Think fast so that you will not sink. Use your mind in connection with your brain. Think of what can you do that has not been done before. What can you do better that already exist? What business do you need to start today? Think!

Do you know how to write? Start writing. Can you teach people? Start with one person. Perhaps at no cost first. The pay will come.

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5. Follow Your Own Path

The best way to avert accident and live above limits is to follow straight your own path. You have your own life to live. Don’t live another person’s life.

Comparing yourself with other people will only kill you before your time. It’s not wise. Follow your dreams and fulfill your vision.

There are streams of popular opinions. It’s up to decide what you want. But you will never be successful unless you follow your own path. Learn to walk alone if that’s what you to succeed at the moment. Network with others when necessary but guard against views or opinions that negate your progress.

Be true to yourself. Follow the right direction that leads to your destination in life.

6. Cultivate a Learning Culture

Learning is living. Learn new things every day. The secret to your success may be concealed in a book.

You set limits for your life, the moment you stop learning. The world is changing very fast. Only committed learners will live above limits.

Knowledge is power and a great profit. Read books. Get information that will transit you from limitation to transformation. Information is capital.

Seek to feed your mind every day. You can only apply wisdom when knowledge has been acquired. If you want to grow, then get committed to knowing. The more you know the more you grow. The more you grow, the better you’ll glow.

You are limited by what you do not learn.

7. Maintain Gratitude of Life

There is always something to grateful for. Gratitude is the anchor of fortitude. With the great fortitude, you can maintain the right attitude, thus moving you into a greater altitude.

Count your blessings and name them one by one. You will be surprised at who you are and what you are becoming.

Thank God for your life. If you remain thankful, then your tank of success will be full. But if you’re not grateful life could grind you.

One Plus – Help others

The best way to live above limitation is to serve other people. Share with others what you have and what you know. You have found the ways to live above limits. Share it. Tell it. Live it.

Make up your mind to serve people daily and God will take care of your needs daily. Look out for problems that are within your capacity to solve and solve them.

Do you have other things to add to the list? Do that in the comment box below and make other contributions.

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