7 Irrefutable Principles of Life You Need to Succeed this Year

“Every purpose without a principle is trending towards a dead end.” — Uche, Christian Awoke.

Your arrival to this year is a clear evidence that you have a contribution to make- in your family, career, business and to God’s kingdom.

You have a package to deliver this year and an assignment to fulfill. I believe you must have taken your time to set some smart goals and the objective plans for the year.

Right? If you haven’t, then do make out time to set your goals and objective plans to enable you run well and finish your courses for the year.

Perhaps you are afraid of how the year will go. No worries at all. What I want you to know is that:

Life is entirely governed by laws and principles and only people who obey them will prosper in whatever they do.

Thus, you need to understand these 7 principles in order to succeed in your endeavours.

The best of this year is an exclusive reserve for those who will obey the principles that govern greatness in life. Purposes perish at the avoidance of principles. No objective plan ever prospers without following the principles that guarantee its success.

It is in my heart that everything you have set to accomplish this year will come to full realization. But as you may have known, nothing works without someone working.

Honour in life has a breeding ground, a place where it thrives.

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In this post, I share with you few of the many time-tested principles that govern greatness in life.

I am convinced that if you will commit to obeying them wholeheartedly, that you will maximize your potential for greatness and become the envy of many this year.

Let’s dive in quickly:

1. Principle of Recognition

This is the first and foremost law that I want you to get hold on. Your journey to relevance this year starts at your clarity of this law.

It has the power to turn your lifetime of failure into a full-time of increasing success. It is the fulcrum of every other principle that govern life.

In his book, The Law of Recognition, Dr Mike Murdock rightly noted that “Anything unrecognized becomes uncelebrated; Anything uncelebrated becomes unrewarded; Anything unrewarded eventually exits your life”.

This law teaches thus: Everything you need in your life is already in you merely awaiting your recognition of it.

Everything that you need to succeed this year and, in your lifetime, had already been put within you by God in eternity before projecting you into time. But it’s in your hand to discover them for your delivery.

Firstly, you must recognize God as your Creator and acknowledge Him as the Master planner of your life. Give Him the due honor that He deserves and watch your life become a light.

Secondly, you must recognize your gifts, abilities and potentials and dedicate quality time to developing them. Time and chance still happen to people (of all ages, races and nation).

You have time to claim the chance when it comes but the quality of what you create in time will determine the quantity of what you will claim in chance (opportunities).

In addition, you must recognize God-inspired ideas. Most of the answers to your prayers this year may come in forms of ideas of what to do. It will take recognition to realize them for good.

You must also be keen to recognize golden opportunities, uncommon mentors, uncommon dreams, unusual financial deliverer, the dominant gifts in others, etc. and capitalize on them for your colorful flight to greatness.

2. Principle of Specialization

In a world of multifarious pursuits, only specialist becomes special. You have to get committed to mastering a particular craft before you can become an expert.

The law of specialization teaches that until you become very good at one thing, you may never become great at anything. Whereas I encourage you to be versatile in your pursuit of knowledge, but if you must go far and be in demand, then you must focus on doing just one thing until you become an invaluable asset in that field.

For instance, if you have interest in learning programming, focus on it until you become proficient enough in it while you may still have little knowledge in other things.

You have to focus on a thing until you become the focus in that thing.

3. Principle of Priority

Specialization is only possible when you obey this principle – set priority.

The law of priority states: You do not have enough time to do everything but you do have enough time to do the important things.

It’s common to hear people make statements like, “I’m busy”, “I have no time”, for most activity, but in reality, you will never have time for something you count unimportant.

Until you treasure your time, you may still end up becoming a trash in your time. You can only prosper in the things that you pleasure.

Your priorities must be separated from your posteriority. Always attend to major things before the minor. Learn to do the most difficult things first. Eat your frog before eating the fish!

Your success in any endeavor is tightly tied to your skillfulness in effective utilization of time.

4. Principle of Continuous Growth

Whenever you stop learning, you start leaning. It is never possible grow without knowledge. It is the more you know, the more you grow and the more you grow, the better you will glow.

This principle teaches that you have to keep growing if you want to keep going. You will become a failure when you are progressing without commensurate growth in the process. Get committed to learning, reading and studying of relevant materials that will enhance your capacity for excellence.

5. Principle of Individual Brutality

Nothing great in life comes easy. Gold is never found on the surface of the rock. It takes real dexterity to get anything worthwhile delivered into your hands. The violent usually take their vision by force.

Life becomes hard to anyone who is easy on himself – that’s the law of brutality.

You need to take full responsibility for your life if you must rescue your destiny from shame. Too much sleeping will cause your destiny to sleep and may turn it to slippers that men will be trod under foot.

6. Principle of Excellence

We live in the knowledge working century where excellence and speed is key to outstanding output.

In the school of distinction, attention to details are relevant to excellent results. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Engaging this principle means that you get committed to putting your best in anything and everything you do.

Whenever you give your best, God always does the rest and you become the best. Vow to sell yourself out to doing things to the best of your ability.

7. Principle of Consistency

Many times, the arrival of a new year brings some great euphoria that has motivated most people to set goals and vowed to pursue but as the time elapses, they lose the excitement to continue.

Consistency is the ability to keep going without stop. Thus, the law teaches that “Courage kicks you growing, discipline keeps you going”. You need discipline to finish strong.

Discipline involves doing the things that are desired, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. It is major traits in every trailblazer.

Point to Ponder

Your successful arrival to the new year is an evidence that you have a quota to contribute in the whole year, but nothing works without principles. Failure is inevitable in every venture, if planning is a missing link.

All you will need to accomplish great success this year is already provided by God but will require your attention and obedience to the principles that govern them, in order to get them delivered to you.

Hope you were blessed reading the article? Share with me some others you plan to apply in your pursuit of greatness this year in the comment box.

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

As a transformational teacher and entrepreneur, Penuchris as fondly he is called, is earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially young people, with transforming insights in personal leadership, business and psychology of self-concept for personal development & growth and for global transformation. He enjoys speaking with young people, a Data Analyst by training and a preacher by calling.

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