Does dignity in life really have a breeding ground? Find out here!

Does dignity in life really have a breeding ground? Find out here!


“Take not from the mouth of labour, the bread that it has earned” _Thomas Jefferson

I have always wondered why some person’s life seem very bleak and gloomy. Oftentimes, I’ve asked to know the reason why a young man who was full of strength and potentials eventually turns a beggar before 40 years of age. It’s a matter of great concern to me.

My heart arches acutely at the degree of abuse and misuse of the gracious gifts God invested in men, designed to make them great and become outstanding impact factors in their communities.

“Every why has a wherefore” _William Shakespeare

Through some exposures and experiences, I’ve realized that in the market of life, causes precede effects. Every problem man faces today, has a cause behind it as well as a solution fit to solve it. Things don’t happen where provisions are not available for them.

There’s rarely a displacement in any field without the application of a force neither is ever a motion without a move.

You will never see a vulture in a place where no carcass (dead organism) is lying. Fishes don’t survive on land neither do birds make their nest inside the sea. Everything in life has a breeding ground – the most appropriate location for its survival and a place where it grows and prospers.

Dignity in life also has an atmosphere where it treasures and triumphs. What swamps and ponds are to mosquitoes and other disease-causing vectors, is what labour or work is to excellence, of which dignity is a subset.

“I look upon indolence as a sort of suicide; for the man is effectually destroyed, though the appetites of the brute may survive” _Philip Stanhope

Idleness is the hothouse of poverty whereas work is the hotbed of dignity in life. Lack is inevitable in any venture, where labour is a missing factor.

Solomon the wise king, affirmed that: In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury”– Prov. 14:23. Poverty is a friend to he who always talks but never put his hand to work.

Work is the mental and physical exertion of energy towards the accomplishment of a rewardable task. It is through work that your destiny will wake up and by diligent labour your dreams get accomplished.

 “Take away the cause, and the effect ceases” _Miguel de Cervantes

I want you to realize that although you can inherit another man’s wealth (perhaps your father’s wealth), the individual’s worth is reserved. That is, until you value your work, the world may not value your worth.

To secure your destiny in dignity and live life honourably, you must do the following:

1. Let go of Laziness

Laziness has never in history produced any leader. Leaders are fervid labourers. It is the hand of diligence not that of indolence that makes rich adding no regrets. Have you seen an excuse-giver who made exploits in life? I doubt such possibility. It is excuse-giving that exempts men from greatness. Laziness is a parasite of destiny.

If you always have a reason why you could not work, then life has every right to keep you in lack. People who live their lives by ‘trial and error’ are bound to be terminated by error.

Life is governed by principles and only people who obey the principles ever prosper.

Dignity only grazes on the Savannah of hard work. Industries are never built through indolence. People who don’t work remain weak and their destiny are often bleak, because dignity is an attribute of the strong and determined. Let go of laziness and lack will bid you farewell.

2. Understand the Demands of your destiny

“And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea-shore” _1 Kings 4:29

God has divinely designed you to be a solution to your generation, but you have an ultimate role to play if that must become a reality. Your demands in life will only be delivered to you through your diligence at work.

Before every rise in life there is always a price and every victory take away some virtue. Securing your destiny in dignity requires the good understanding of the demands for its delivery. Greatness is a costly commodity. It is never cheap at all.

It takes hard work to reach great heights and break standing records. Your destiny has no short bend. To take a bend in securing it will only turn you a beggar.

3. Review and renew your perceptions

Whatever you are doing presently, either as a student, a lecturer, or you are in business, a sportsman, a pastor, etc., note that your attitude to your work determines your altitude in life. Work is a principal part of God’s creation plan for our lives.

He established work as a channel through which things can work in your life. You are a product of God’s creative work. A masterpiece of a diligent labour (see Gen. 2:2, 3).

You couldn’t have come into existence, if God had not worked. The Creator configured you in His pattern and nurtured you in His nature so that you can become relevant to the society. You have a prime role to play to bring that to manifestation.

Laziness is a creation anomaly. You must aggressively forbid it. Refuse to be a burden to anybody when God has created you a blessing.

What you are doing now (I mean your work as a student or your job as lecturer) was designed to make you great but that will be dependent on your approach to it.

4. Utilize the privilege of work

You have the privilege of work to transform the picture in your mind into a marvelous future. You can become the great personality that God designed you to be if you are willing to put hands to working it out.

Mediocrity wherever it is found is always in the residence of poor managers of their work. Things only get worse when you don’t work.

It is the quality of your work that determines the quantity of your wages. “And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire(wages). Go not from house to house”– (Luke 10:7 emphasis added).

Your lot is a measure of your labour not a luck. People who wait for luck eventually end up in lack. Whatever you get without work will eventually waste and any lot you have without labour will never last.

5. Deploy yourself and develop your gifts

“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men” _Prov. 18:16

Your gift is God’s divine gateway for your greatness. Your ultimate work in life is the service of your gift to humanity. A man’s gift is the currency for exchanges, trades and investments in the market of life. Develop your gifts and deploy them to serve the society.

Your future was divinely designed to make sense but it demands your co-operation. You were made for the top but only the tough dare thrives at the top. So, become tough so that you can blaze the trail of your time.

Put your hands to work and you will see things working for your life. There is no alternative to work if you desire a colourful future. It is either you deliver your future from destitution by working or you dump it at the dustbin through playfulness.

Pause here…

You can become the best in your career or business if you are ready to sit up and work. Hard work does not harm or hurt, it is wrong work that wearies the body and saps your vitality. Your creative power is still latent because you have refused to put it to work.

You are doubting if God gave you the gift of writing. But when last did you pick your pen or your tablet to write anything? Remember the law of use and disuse. Whatever you don’t use becomes useless. Work delivers your potentials from perishing and propels your life to prosperity.

Now ponder

What happened to the last generation must not be replayed through you. You are meant to consolidate on what the previous generation had done and add more value to this generation. I want you to decide to work, work and keep working until everything around begins to work. If you say you don’t have any work, then find one. Look for a problem to solve.

Every problem around you is a work that needs to be done. If your generation must value your worth not just your wealth, then wake up and work.

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Published By: Uche Christian A.

A writer, an entrepreneur and a transformational speaker, earmarked with a blazing passion to equip individuals especially the young people, with relevant insights for personal impacts and global resourcefulness.

18 thoughts on “Does dignity in life really have a breeding ground? Find out here!

  1. Igbonanwa Deborah says:

    Omg! This is wonderful. Shouldn’t you turn this into a novel? I tell you, you’ll impact more lives, as well as make a huge monetary profits.
    Personally, I have been blessed with this. Please , keep it up. The sky is just a starting point for you, and not your limit.

    1. Uche Christian A. says:

      Hi Deborah, I’m quite happy that you were blessed. Writing a novel? Anyway, I’m actually writing one currently and will soon be published. God bless you for the advice.

  2. Uche Christian A. says:

    Mr Akpan, thanks so much. I will attend to your blog updates soon. Stay updated @ wisdom fount and be ready to impact your generation positively.

  3. Joyy Chinonso says:

    Though through deligence and hard work, like you said, bhu I would have loved you give a vivid explaination on how to fully understand what our destiny becomes or is like, before it actual fulfillment, because that is one of the ways you would be able to discover the hindrances that would mar your destiny if not resolved. Most successful people actually saw a vision or say, foresaw their success and worked towards it in that direction or say they were able to recognize the the cause and tackled it…now the question boils to how they were able to know yes…”this is it”.

    1. Uche Christian A. says:

      Hi Joyy, No worries. I will be posting an article on purpose soon, since it is the borderline of destiny. It will discuss What purpose is and how to discover it. Stay inspired at Wisdom Fount

  4. Loretta Onyia says:

    A good number of the earth’s human population would rather sit tight in their comfort zones than get out there and work, even animals have to hunt for their food. Thanks for this eye-opener, above having received this great nugget, I pray we all apply it and see it work miracles in our lives. Remain blessed Uche Christian A

  5. Sunday Francisca says:

    Awesome write-up sir, more ink to your pen looking forward to more articles.

  6. Invincible says:

    Yeah, I’m really with you…dignity truly grazes on the Savannah of hard work cos nothing good comes easily. You got to pay the price.


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